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Concordia Productions is an international team experienced in production providing solutions to broadcasters and producers making news and documentary programs about Pakistan. We provide everything from the finished product to precise services that a producer/director needs to complete their project. We can research your subject on the ground and take controlled initiative with your project. Speak to any of our clients for a testimonial including:

Events relevant to documentary or news programming rarely happen in controlled time frames, making it difficult to schedule sending crews. Often we film content that a crew was unable to get on a limited tour, either because of timing issues or because new material emerges after they leave. Another common request is for us to collect initial content for teasers/pilots. This allows producers to convince financiers to complete funding requirements without making costly, complicated and premature trips with limited scope. A large proportion of a production’s budget goes on the crews expenses; flights, hotels, insurance etc. Saving many of these costs makes any budget go a lot furtherSarah Tareen – Producer/CEO Concordia Productions.