“DRONE” – May 2014 Doc Feature Release.

Concordia is proud to have been a major part of the production of Flimmer Films award winning feature documentary DRONE. We executed shoots across Pakistan; families of victims from Waziristan, news conferences and interviews including many prominent people such as Imran Khan in Islamabad and Tariq Ali and Clive Smith in London.

Here is a link to the channel Arte’s site with some photos by Steven Moore.

“65” – PIF for Defense Day.

65 from Concordia Productions on Vimeo.

65 is a PIF (Public Information Film) commissioned by Pakistan’s ISPR. The narrative is a re-enactment of life during the 1965 war through the eyes of a different sort of war hero; a nurse whose task is to collect blood for the injured troops. The story is told in flashback as the now older woman remembers her own life, donating her jewelry for the war effort, working in the hospital, and the husband who died bravely in the war. The film was first aired on 6th September 2013 to widespread acclaim.

‘Tamanna’ first song released – ‘Koi Dil Mein’ sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Feature ‘Tamanna’ OST – Koi Dil Mein – TV release music promo from Steven Moore on Vimeo.

Concordia Productions, the producers of  feature film Tamanna, due in 2012, release first OST (Official Soundtrack) song Koi Dil Mein sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan along with an original video. This exceptional, critically acclaimed video contains scenes from the film that are a type of flashback or backstory – scenes from a film made by  one of the characters, a ‘Lollywood’ Golden Age film director. So what we see are a few scenes from a film within a film in a mise en abyme technique .