Sahir Ali – Talks about how “Tamanna” and “Koi Dil Mein” was his key to Bollywood

Sahir Ali Bagga, who is working with us on our films, commercial projects and music, talks to the Express Tribune about how he earned the opportunity to work in B-town after his success in collaborating with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, as well as the award at this year’s London Asian Film Festival. (See: Rahat Fateh Wins Best Music Talent in Film for Tamanna at London Asian Film Festival) To read the full article log on to

Rahat Fateh Wins Best Music Talent in Film for “Tamanna” at London Asian Film Festival

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who was nominated alongside Atif Aslam and A. R. Rahman in the Best Music Talent category, won for the song ‘Koi Dil Mein,’ which will be featured in the upcoming Pakistani film Tamanna. Director, Steven Moore, and Producer/CEO of Concordia Productions, Sarah Tareen, were present at the event held at the BAFTA venue. (March 2012)

Rahat Fateh – Nomination for “Koi Dil Mein” @ London Asian Film Festival.

The award category at the London Asian Film Festival is ‘Best Music Talent in a Film‘ and the nominations include Atif Aslam for Bol, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for Tamanna, and A.R.Rahman for Trishna. The nomination is for Koi Dil Mein the first release from the OST of Tamanna released in December 2011 sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The music is written and recorded by Sahir Ali with Lyrics by veteran Lollywood writer Riaz Ur-Rehman Saghar.

Concordia Productions first commisioned the lyrics based on the story of Tamanna working with Saghar and another veteran writer Munnu Bhai, then brought in Sahir Ali ‘Bugga’ then finally with the help of Yousef Saluahuddin, Rahat Fateh was bought on board to make everything just perfect.

There’s an article here about the festival by Sher Khan of the Express Tribune.